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Project Types

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Tailored Branding Kits

Our branding experts craft personalized strategies and visual elements like logos, color schemes, and typography to highlight your brand and meet business goals.

Brand Cohesion

Our branding services create a cohesive brand image, aligning visual and verbal elements to enhance your market presence effectively.

Creative Excellence

At mimAR, our team delivers innovative and detailed branding solutions that captivate and engage audiences, elevating your brand's presence.

Our Process

Creating Branding Strategies

We start by figuring out what makes your brand special. We set your brand's mission, vision, and core values. This shapes a strong strategy that guides everything we do in branding.

Brand Identity Development

With our strategy set, our designers team up with you to make a brand identity that stands out. This includes a unique logo, the right fonts, colors, and more.

Branding Collateral Creation

Next, we design all the materials you need, like business cards, brochures, and packaging, making sure everything looks unified and matches your brand perfectly.

Delivery and Distribution

Finally, we make sure all your branding materials are produced with top quality and get to you or your customers smoothly and on time, whether they're printed or online.


Branding is essential for every business because it helps differentiate them from competitors, build recognition, and establish a unique identity in the marketplace. A strong brand creates trust, loyalty, and emotional connections with customers, influencing their purchasing decisions.

Our branding process typically involves conducting market research, determining brand values and missions, creating a visual identity (logo, color palette, typography), and then developing branding kits and collateral based on the client’s custom requirements. 

The timeline for different branding services varies depending on the complexity of the project and the scope of branding services required. Factors such as research, strategy development, design iterations, and client feedback can influence the duration of the process.

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Our marketing strategists are dedicated to promoting your brand in the competitive market, utilizing the latest marketing trends. With a singular focus on expanding your customer base and achieving desired outcomes, you can trust us to implement cutting-edge marketing campaigns for your brand.